Managing Director – CEO

Oluniyi is a high profile expert in commerce, infrastructure and services in Sierra Leone. He is a well-known business leader with an outstanding and proven record across multiple industries across West Africa. 

He is a senior professional who has served in National Government up to the rank of Cabinet Minister, with a successful track record of competent delivery on responsibilities for policy formulation and implementation, effective utility supervision and sector strategy development including securing public and private financing. He also has senior-level experience in the private sector with leading international institutions.  

He is entrepreneurial and innovative, he constantly leverages analytical, communications, negotiating and problem-solving skills for decision making and agenda-setting. His tested abilities to work with small and large teams, in ambiguous conditions, and to drive change and produce results, are well known and highly respected. Oluniyi’s consulting career began in 1998 where he advised private and public institutions on a range of projects. 

In 2000, Oluniyi joined Citibank in New York, the USA in the position of Business Development and Project Manager. He was responsible for a 30+ person cross-functional project team – the same team won the Quality Excellence Award Winners in 2002.

Other responsibilities at CitiBank were the co-management and negotiation of strategic deals having led due diligence on security solutions and managed vendor selection. In addition, Oluniyi developed strong working relationships with CitiBank peers and senior managers across the Citibank Group, and rose to the position of Vice President in his department. 

Following a successful 7 year career at CitiBank in New York, Oluniyi returned to Sierra Leone and immediately immersed himself into the Sierra Leone world of commerce by forming the International Finance Corporation and also launching the Sierra Leone Business Forum, in which he was the CEO. As always, Oluniyi worked hard and focused on fostering collaboration between Sierra Leone’s Private Sector and the Government, as well as Development Partners, to identify and prioritize opportunities for implementing reforms that helped make Sierra Leone a more attractive place to do business and stimulate economic growth.  

Towards the end of 2008, Oluniyi was invited into the Office of the President of Sierra Leone. His position there was Presidential Advisor on Private Sector. For the next three and a half years, Oluniyi served the President with a broad remit across Private Sector Development initiatives, in fulfilment of The President’s commitment to promoting private sector-led economic growth as articulated in his “Agenda for Change.” Oluniyi is acknowledged to have been instrumental in shaping the Private Sector Development strategy of the Government and delivering on the goals and objectives. 

In 2012, Oluniyi was appointed Minister of Energy and Water Resources. For the next two years, he led the development of the Energy sector with a strong focus on increasing access, expanding generation with an emphasis on renewables, increasing efficiency and improving revenues and accountability for the utilities. Amongst a host of other achievements, Oluniyi developed initiatives and projects that attracted over USD 500 Million in new development financing to the electricity sector to support capital investment in T & D, and utility performance enhancements. Also, he negotiated major private sector generation investments in excess of USD 750 million across thermal, solar, hydro and biomass fuels. 

In the water sector, he developed rural and urban water supply programs that attracted over USD 60 Million in development funds and with a special emphasis on expanding groundwater sources and improving the efficiency of existing water points. Also led sector response to a cholera health emergency with immediate remedial actions and a renewed focus on risk mitigation. 

Following his time as a Minister in the Government, in 2014, Oluniyi founded Dvyn Strategies Ltd (ATA Pawaplays). His focus was to provide client representation and advisory services to private and public sector entities with a focus on economic development policies including green growth, power sector strategy and policy planning as well as public/private investment initiatives across multiple sectors. Value proposition also includes investment facilitation, fundraising and local content management to facilitate economic linkages. Some current and recent assignments include:

• Government relations support for the acquirer of a stalled bio-ethanol project

• Lead a working group assessing the development of a cross-border hydropower plant

• Supply of alternative bio-fuel for Bio-mass power plant

• Advisory and local content management for new build thermal power plant

• Market entry support for Fuel Storage company and a Poultry Investor

• Distribution and payment collection network development for a Pico solar marketing entity

• Viability assessment and strategic options review for an agribusiness enterprise owned by Government

• Advisory and supplementary fundraising support for a major agribusiness project in Sierra Leone

• Fundraising support for SME private equity fund

• Real Estate Development

In 2016, once again, Oluniyi was invited back into the Office of the President taking up the position of Consultant – Private Sector Coordinator (Trade), President’s Recovery Priorities. He was invited to join this team which was specially constituted to provide a focus on the key initiatives that the President prioritized to put the country back on track after the public health emergency which ended in November 2015. Oluniyi worked closely with the Minister of Trade and Industry and his team to define goals, develop and track KPI’s, troubleshoot problems and report fortnightly to the President.

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