Companies must constantly advance by also developing and maintaining their advantage and/or niche within dynamic markets, such as Sierra Leone and West Africa, in general.

Africa is a different “animal” within the “species” of world commerce. Sierra Leone and indeed, West Africa (ECOWAS), is no different to the rest of the continent and local culture and business mindset and approaches must be clearly understood to achieve serious levels of success.

Dvyn Strategies is qualified and fully geared to provide full local services whereby eliminating the need for our clients to invest in local staff, premises, infrastructure & support services, vehicles & transportation and everything else that overseas companies need at their disposal to move their business expansion projects in Africa, forwards and upwards.

Whatever is required, from Governmental Ministerial levels, across the professional spheres to arranging local logistics, Dvyn will manage all issues for our overseas clients.


Local training – where relevant

To change, adapt and leverage new opportunities, it is imperative that the company’s team of local employees should also have up-to-date knowledge and training of the best practices in the particular industry. Together with the training, is the necessity to instil into the employees the required skills to execute techniques learnt, in the working environment, which, leads to employee motivation.

Dvyn will develop the required preparation methodology for in-country training so that employees achieve high-impact understanding with boosted competence, knowledge and performance.

Statistics indicate that companies with high-impact training, have about 37% greater employee productivity, in addition to 34% better response to clients’ requirements, and 26% increased ability to deliver quality services on behalf of the company.