Dvyn Strategies is a specialist management and expert Turn-Key representation company – fully geared up to provide bespoke and expert support and services, commercial analysis and evaluation services in Sierra Leone and West Africa, with the uncompromising assurance of competency, compliance, governance and accountability.

In addition to our guarantees of uncompromising integrity, competency and compliance, Dvyn’s ultimate focus is to deliver the highest level of care and services to our clients, regardless of what sphere of work, in which industry, what form of consultancy, what training support or any of our A-Z specialist services and/or facilities.

The scope of our services and support network is very wide as we cover multiple business sectors, and we have tried to group them into these three categories:

Custom-made market strategy services & facilitation.
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Full spectrum of pro-active consultancy, support & training.
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A-Z expert services.
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Dvyn also provides services to a wide spectrum of companies who function within high risk industries, such as mining. These companies are well aware of their exposures and risks within this industry.  Dvyn offers solutions in this fields.

We understand that it is not simple to select and appoint representatives for the purpose of caring for your company’s name, reputation, safety, security, status and future in all matters associated with setting up and indeed, operating your business venture in West Africa.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of services and how we may assist in supporting your business plans and interests in Sierra Leone and the ECOWAS countries.

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